The Mirasco team takes an active role in leading trade and industry councils and associations for global agriculture trade and development.

The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) is a nonprofit trade association working to create new opportunities and develop existing international markets for U.S. beef, pork, lamb and veal. Headquartered in Denver, USMEF has offices in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Belgium, and Russia. USMEF also has representative offices covering the Middle East, Central and South America and the Caribbean.
The USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) is an industry-sponsored trade organization, dedicated to the growth of exports of U.S. poultry and egg products in foreign markets. USAPEEC is also a cooperator organization sanctioned by the Foreign Agricultural Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. As a cooperator, USAPEEC administers export promotion funds allocated under the USDA’s Market Access Program and Foreign Market Development program.
The International Poultry Council (IPC) was formed to bring together poultry industry leaders from around the world to address issues of trade, science, and improve relations among nations. The IPC is the only poultry meat association recognized by the international organizations that have a direct impact on the poultry industry worldwide. These organizations include: The Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO); The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE); and The Codex Alimentarius Commission.
The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to education about seafood safety, sustainability, and nutrition. From vessels at sea to your favorite seafood restaurant, our diverse member companies bring delicious fish and shellfish to American families. NFI promotes the US Dietary Guidelines that suggest Americans include fish and shellfish in their diets twice per week for longer, healthier lives. From responsible aquaculture, to a marketplace supporting free trade, to ensuring the media and consumers have the facts about the health benefits of fish and shellfish, NFI and its members support and promote sound public policy based on ground truth science.
The U.S. Grains Council develops export markets for U.S. barley, corn, grain sorghum and related products. The Council believes exports are vital to growth in U.S. agriculture as well as global economic development.
The U.S. Soybean Export Council is a dynamic partnership of key stakeholders representing soybean producers, commodity shippers, merchandisers, allied agribusinesses and agricultural organizations. Through it’s global network of international offices and strong support in the U.S., the council helps create and sustain demand for U.S. soybeans and soybean products, advocate for the use of soy in feed, aquaculture and human consumption, promote the benefits of soy use through education and connect industry leaders through a robust membership program.
Founded in 1909, AFIA is the world’s largest organization devoted exclusively to representing the business, legislative and regulatory interests of the U.S. animal feed industry and its suppliers. AFIA is also the recognized leader in developing the global animal feed industry. Members include more than 500 domestic and international companies, as well as state, regional and national associations.
The National Hay Association is a trade association for the U.S. hay industry. NHA works within the industry, as well as with federal agencies and Congress, to support it’s member producers, brokers, and dealers, in the commercial use of hay and forage products.
Founded in 1979, the Cottonseed and Feed Association promotes the trade of cottonseed products. CFA maintains active memberships in the National Cottonseed Products Association, National Cotton Council, and National Grain and Feed Association.